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Application Status Of Automobile Casting Material

Auto Casting Part This paper mainly focuses on the application and development trend of some core castings (such as cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, exhaust pipe, axle box, etc.), and the development trend of automobile casting material. The automobile industry is developing rapidly in China. , And the development of automotive casting materials for the future. Key words: automobile; cast iron; aluminum-magnesium alloy; material; present situation; development

  1 car development In recent years due to the stable development of the world economy and some developing countries, including China, including the rapid development of the economy, as well as the automotive industry manufacturing technology progress,

  Due to the rapid development of China's economy, in 2007 the total domestic automobile sales reached 8.88 million, to achieve double-digit rapid growth for nine consecutive years. The 2008 financial crisis also has a greater impact on domestic cars, only to achieve sales of 93.85 million, the rate of decline to 6.70%. In the first half of 2009, the state implemented a series of policies to promote the development of the automobile industry, as well as the macroeconomic trend of domestic economic development is relatively stable, automobile production and marketing gradually out of the trough, showing a good momentum of development. In the first half of the year, car sales for the first time more than 6 million, an increase of 17.69%, once again to achieve double-digit growth is expected throughout the year sales will reach 11 million or more, the automotive industry in the world can be described as a single show. The rapid development of the automotive industry in the country, in the foreseeable future also has a very good development space, is expected in 2015 will achieve 18 million production and marketing goals.

  2 Casting in the automotive application status 2.1 The status of the domestic castings Casting industry is an ancient and modern industry, casting products used in all walks of life, the casting industry's total output value has accounted for 0.5 to 1% of the gross national product output, Is to promote economic development, one of the important basic industries. Casting industry in China has developed rapidly, in 2002 China's total casting production has reached the world's first, to 2007 for six consecutive years to maintain the world's first, and the total casting production was sustained and rapid growth trend, Figure 2 lists the Casting production in China from 2002 to. Castings around the world also showed a gradual upward trend in 2005, the world's total casting products in 75 million tons, and in 2008 will reach nearly 100 million tons.

  China's rapid development of the casting industry is mainly domestic and foreign two environment contributed. In recent years, the gross domestic product (GDP) has developed rapidly at a rate of about 10% in recent years. The industries of automobile, machinery, metallurgy, construction and other industries have made historic leaps and bounds. The domestic demand for castings has increased rapidly year by year. Developed countries are also important markets for casting applications, but these countries are subject to increasingly stringent environmental requirements, high man-made costs, in sharp contrast to low prices in China, resulting in a decline in casting manufacturing companies And other developing countries procurement, it also contributed to a large number of domestic exports of castings, an increase of domestic demand for castings. For the foreseeable future, the foundry industry is still China's most important basic industry, casting products will further increase the global market share, the domestic casting industry's dominant position, the world's rapid economic development, especially the casting products with more and more The broader sales market, casting industry is facing great opportunities for development.

  2.2 Casting in the automotive application Overview The automotive industry in China has experienced an unprecedented rapid development, and automotive products is precisely the largest casting users, China's huge car market, will make a significant increase in the demand for automotive castings. Castings are one of the important components of auto parts, with an average of about 10 to 20% of the weight of each part of the car casting products, the same about 20% of the annual casting is for the automotive industry, that is, China Each year about 500 ~ 600 million tons of casting flow to the automotive manufacturing and service industries. Many of the key parts of the auto parts are made of castings. Some of the complex structural components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, etc., are excellent in forming processes. Other manufacturing methods are difficult to achieve, and the material properties of the cast Can meet the performance requirements of these parts, and inexpensive, which is the application of cast parts in automotive parts and in a very long time can also be an important reason for the continuation. But the application of castings in the car is also facing all aspects of the test. Car light weight, energy saving and environmental protection requirements, not only the use of aluminum-magnesium alloy instead of cast iron materials, some plastic parts, ceramic pieces and other lighter car casting products are eating parts of the castings; Similarly, with the improvement of vehicle performance and safety performance Auto Casting Part Requirements, some products such as crankshaft, etc. are also used to create more and more forging. Once again, casting is an important industry for energy consumption and pollution. As a result of energy saving and environmental protection requirements, as in developed countries, society's exclusion of the foundry industry will become stronger and stronger, and the foundry industry is under tremendous pressure to clean the casting Not able to achieve overnight, and will bring the cost increase, which we need more attention