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China's Silica Sol Investment Casting Industry Is Developing Rapidly In The International Industry

China's silica sol investment casting industry is developing rapidly in the international industry

As a necessary equipment for industrial manufacturing, the melting mold is growing at a rate of double digits each year, and the rapid development of molten mould casting industry has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption in China. silica sol investment casting industry in China in recent years demand will still grow, average annual compound growth rate of 37.4. The present domestic machine tool industry common development situation of state-owned, private, joint ventures, optimize industry structure, the overall quality has improved significantly. Countries also will continue to support the development of five-year period will continue to put in our country, and increased, major projects will drive the investment more than 10 billion each year. Compared with the developed countries, our country machine tool, silica sol investment casting, welding platform, electrical test platform development started relatively late, but has maintained rapid growth momentum, China's enterprises in silica sol investment casting market has a place in the end, high-end machine tools due to technical reasons temporarily also is in a state of machine tool imports more abroad. Good development trend of silica sol investment casting industry in China shows that demand is still high, related enterprises should seize the opportunity to strive to realize products from low-end to high-end from primary products to high-tech products manufacturing processing, efforts to achieve by silica sol investment casting production country to machine tool power shift.

1. silica sol investment casting Common problems of casting machining of large - scale melting mold

1, silica sol investment casting containing manganese, chromium, nickel caused when machining tool wear, especially some large silica sol investment casting, a lot of cutting tool processing not over an artifact has been damaged, caused by mark even Mr Dao "", light person affects machining efficiency and machining quality, the person that weigh artifacts caused by discarded!

2. There are casting defects such as sand, white mouth, etc.

Ii. Error in the selection of CNC blades in the casting process:

At present, many tool engineers and some molten mold casting processing plants, often choose YT type alloy knife head or the coating hard alloy cutting tool for the p-type metal processing, in fact, it is not;

1. People should jump out of "steel parts with YT alloy cutting head, cast iron parts with YG type knife head", because cast steel is short chip material, this point is different from forging steel parts! Especially in rough or discontinuous casting, if the use of YT alloy knife head, general collapse knife!

2, if use YG kind alloy or coated carbide blade, with collapse phenomenon of knife, also can't take responsibility is easy to blame YG class segment not shock, in the final analysis is actually its not the reason of abrasion

3. The correct selection of the material for the die casting process

1, silica sol investment casting if is single occasional production, rough machining alloy cutter YG optional class, specific Angle before and after grinding Angle and processing of iron castings, according to the processing technology and rigidity of machine tool system to grind out the appropriate tool main Angle; If the system rigidity, the Angle of 83 degrees or 90 degrees (specific) according to the requirements of end face and shoulder processing if machine tool rigidity and clamping force is good, as far as possible USES 45 degrees of the main Angle turning tool.

2. If it is a batch process of the die-casting, the wuling super hard bn-s20 is a machine clamp indexable blade plate for the process of melting mould casting. BN - S20 brand is a HLCBN tool itself red hardness higher than cemented carbide and ceramic cutting tool, and impact resistant than ceramic knives, a large number of experiments and case prove that its life is several times to dozens times coating alloy cutting tools. The bn-s20 brand can be used in rough machining, and it can also be used for semi-finishing and finishing alloy steel castings to improve machining efficiency. It is suitable for processing of large melting mold casting, which is also suitable for processing of high hardness materials such as high temperature alloy, heat-resistant wear-resisting steel, high hardness cast steel/cast iron, hardened steel, nitrided steel and carburized steel. And it performs well in rough machining.