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Common Auto Casting Part Correction Method

Common Auto Casting Part correction method
 In the process of deformation, cooling, sanding, cleaning, heat treatment, welding, handling and machining, the structure of the stainless steel castings or the improper handling process will be deformed under the action of temperature, external force and internal stress, Resulting in the shape and size of the Auto Casting Part does not match the pattern. Slender and irregular stent type Auto Casting Parts and larger shrinkage of stainless steel castings, the deformation is particularly serious.
Correction methods are free correction and mold correction, cold correction and thermal correction of the points.
1. Free correction and mold correction
Free correction is the stainless steel Auto Casting Parts on the flat or special simple tire mold, with a hammer beat until the size, shape meet the requirements so far. Used for small pieces. Large Auto Casting Parts are generally corrected on the specified corrective device. Before the correction, you should master the deformation of the Auto Casting Part, with the necessary correction of the Auto Casting Part part of the geometric shape and size of the correction mold, mold correction is the Auto Casting Parts placed in the mold (usually on the lower mold), and in The selected correction machine with the selected pressure on the Auto Casting Parts as a whole correction. When the overall correction, the general use of lifting equipment or manipulator to Auto Casting Parts into or out of the correction mold. The overall correction with the correction of the mold to be specially designed and manufactured, high precision requirements for a large number of assembly line production, high production efficiency, labor intensity is small, after the correction of the size of the automobile castings smaller.
2. Cold correction and thermal correction
Cold correction is a hammer, manual press, jack, friction presses or hydraulic press to correct the castings at room temperature. It is suitable for casting castings with small geometrical shapes and small deformation, and castings with large deformation but good plasticity, as well as hardened aluminum alloy castings with large deformation. When the Auto Casting Part structure is complex, can be corrected by means of correction mold.
Thermal correction is divided into local heating and overall heating. Some stainless steel castings cold correction more difficult, can be localized after hammer or with a press to correct. Thick-walled Auto Casting Parts should be the overall heating correction, correction before the need to correct the amount of deformation required, and then placed in the heat treatment furnace horn, the pad on the appropriate pad, in the need to correct the upper part of the appropriate load, The process of the role of the deformation with the amount of correction over. If the correction after the heat treatment, correction should be carried out after the elimination of stress tempering, correction temperature and stress relief tempering temperature should be lower than the heat treatment tempering temperature 10-20 ℃.
 In recent years, China's auto casting mold materials industry to follow the market environment has made continuous development of very good results. However, the current market situation, China's automobile casting mold materials industry and foreign advanced countries still have a huge gap.
   According to relevant experts, to shorten the gap between China's Auto Casting Part mold materials industry and advanced national industry, the key is to upgrade the upgrade technology and equipment. The industry said that China's automobile casting mold material industry in order to better and faster development, we must through the following aspects to achieve breakthrough industry bottlenecks: First, we must continue efforts to develop and promote the use of new mold steel. Second, we must continue to build plastic mold steel series. Once again, to improve the quality of metallurgy, the use of advanced equipment and technology, the use of advanced metallurgical methods and processes. China's Auto Casting Part mold materials still need to continue efforts to overcome the difficulties in order to promote its better and faster development, but also to promote the development of the domestic mold industry.