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How To Prevent The Occurrence Of Machinery Casting Part This Situation?

How to prevent the occurrence of Machinery Casting Part this situation?
 Stainless Machinery Casting Partg is generally used for open gating system, easy to produce oxide oxide oxide, it is easy to react with the sand from the chemical, causing severe sticky sand. The following Andrew to introduce the way to prevent the production of stainless Machinery Casting Partg sticky sand.
1, the production of mechanical casting to prevent carbon, usually sand plow is not contained or very little coal. And thus the mechanical casting wet sand of the mud than the cast iron temperature sand is low, less water demand. In the same compaction rate, the mechanical casting temperature of the sand to control the water, the water is best controlled at 4% to 5% or less.
2, in order to solve the rough surface should be smooth should not use the smaller size of the original sand. If you use a single sand shape, sand in the sticky with the most must be strictly controlled, can not exceed the provisions of the amount of added. As the sand does not contain pulverized coal and low mud content, so easy to high permeability, if it is a single sand permeability is not more than l20 is appropriate, surface sand permeability should also be lower to produce a smooth surface without mechanical adhesive Sand castings of machinery.
3, in order to prevent the surface of the stainless steel cast steel chemical sticky sand, large stainless steel machinery castings with the original sand SiO2 content are more than 96%, Machinery Casting Part thick wall and pouring temperature requirements of high mechanical casting with the original sand SIO2 content should be higher this. As the original sand with high SiO2, coupled with the lack of coal and other coal cushioning materials, mechanical casting sand, scarring defects tend to greater. It is best to use activated bentonite into natural sodium bentonite to improve the thermal sand tensile strength and its resistance to sand, scar the ability.
4, in order to improve the surface of the sand dry air strength and toughness, Machinery Casting Part to prevent the occurrence of trachoma defects, sand can be added to the amount of starch material. If necessary, spray the surface enhancer on the sand surface to enhance the surface strength.
The above four points in terms of sand, Machinery Casting Part the requirements of inspection and control of core sand refractoriness, the use of high refractoriness of sand, in order to improve the core sand refractoriness, the original sand SiO2 content of more than 96%, and the corresponding sand Thicker. The higher the pouring temperature of the stainless steel castings, the thicker the wall thickness, the higher the requirement of the SiO2 content in the original sand. If you are using sodium silicate sand, strictly control the water in the water glass, not too high, especially in the winter, prone to sticky sand. Moisture content is easy to absorb moisture, so hardening should be timely and type of pouring.
 Analysis and research on the defects of mechanical casting is one of the key technologies to improve the yield of castings. However, its difficulty is not small. Mainly in:
① knowledge, such as alloy, casting process, modeling materials, casting equipment and production process testing and other aspects of knowledge.
② defects in the formation of mechanical casting defects, a defect can be caused by a variety of reasons, and one cause may cause several defects.
(3) the constraints Machinery Casting Part of technical measures, such as the use of a measure, can prevent a type of defects, but may lead to another defect.
④ influencing factors difficult to control, such as raw material quality, air temperature and humidity.
In order to reduce the defects of mechanical castings and improve the yield of mechanical castings, it is necessary to effectively control the defects of castings. The accurate judgment of the defect is a prerequisite for solving the defects of the mechanical casting. Therefore, the mechanical casting workers need to understand the various means of analysis of defects, including general and special analysis means to determine the type of defects, analysis of its causes, and then put forward preventive measures, and from the technical and management to be implemented. It is noteworthy that, Machinery Casting Part despite the same type of defects, but for different cast alloy castings, its formation and prevention measures are different.