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Machinery Casting Part Mechanical Casting Industry Access Conditions Detailed Solution

Machinery Casting Part In order to curb the low level of construction industry and blind development, to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, standardize the market order, hereby developed a casting industry access. Foundry market research report that the industry access is based on the relevant state laws, regulations and industrial policies, casting industry access in accordance with the "reasonable adjustment of industrial structure, and vigorously promote energy conservation, promote technological progress and product upgrades and casting industry can Sustainable development "principle, put forward the following conditions for the procurement industry.

  First, the enterprise layout

  Machinery Casting Part Casting enterprise layout should be consistent with national industrial policy, in line with the provinces, municipal machinery industry development plan. In a class of areas can not be built, the expansion of foundry; existing foundry pollution pollutant emissions, noise and other indicators should be consistent with the relevant provisions of a national type of district standards. In the second category and three types of areas, the new foundry and the original foundry emissions of pollutants, noise and other indicators should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the national standards.

  To promote the regional (provincial, municipal and county) industrial development needs, the construction of a certain size of the foundry industrial park; to encourage foundry enterprises from eastern China's economically developed areas to the central and western regions.

  Second, the casting process

  Machinery Casting Part According to the production of castings of the material, variety, batch, a reasonable choice of clay wet sand, resin from the hard sand, water glass from the hard sand, investment casting, lost mold casting, metal casting (gravity, centrifugal, high pressure, Etc.) advanced modeling process, as well as cold box, coated sand shell core, hot core box and other core technology; selective use of mechanized, semi-automatic and automatic modeling production line;

  Third, casting equipment (modeling, core, melting, cleaning)

  1. Melting parts must be equipped with the production capacity to match the melting equipment, such as electric furnace, cupola and other metal smelting equipment, the furnace before the chemical composition analysis, metal liquid temperature measurement equipment, and should be equipped with the corresponding dust removal equipment and systems. (More than 10 tons), long furnace age (a continuous use for more than 4 weeks), oxygen-rich, external hot air supply, with the use of large-scale production of cast iron pieces of products used cupola, electric furnace double smelting process, There is a bag of dust in the cupola. 3 years nationwide phase-out of the melting rate of ≤ 3 tons / hour cupola, 5 years out of the melting rate of ≤ 5 tons / hour cupola. Promote the use of frequency, IF induction furnace melting. New foundry enterprises no longer use ≤ 5 tons / hour cupola.

  2. The shape part must be equipped with the production capacity to match the sand, shape, sand processing equipment, the use of resin sand, water glass sand technology enterprises need to be equipped with old sand recycling equipment;

  3. Sand and cleaning parts must be equipped with production capacity to match the silencer and dust removal equipment;

  4. Enterprises must have a laboratory, the casting performance and raw and auxiliary materials for testing, the production of castings and raw and auxiliary materials used should be consistent with the corresponding national standards or machinery industry standards;

  5. Prohibited the new non-magnetic choke of the aluminum furnace, the original non-magnetic choke of the aluminum furnace within 2 years to phase out