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Machinery Casting Part Should Comply With The Operating Requirements

Machinery Casting Part should comply with the operating requirements
Production, pouring should follow the high temperature baked, low temperature pouring principle. Because the increase in the temperature of the molten metal is conducive to the complete melting of inclusions, slag floating, easy to slag and degassing to reduce the Machinery Casting Part slag and porosity defects; the use of lower pouring temperature, is conducive to reducing the metal Of the gas solubility, liquid shrinkage and high temperature metal liquid on the cavity surface baking, to avoid the formation of pores, sticky sand and shrinkage and other defects. Therefore, to ensure full of mold cavity under the premise, try to use a lower pouring temperature. To ensure the quality of mechanical casting, improve productivity and to ensure production safety, pouring should be strictly abide by the operating requirements:
1. Casting should be timely cast the gas emitted in the mold lit along the gas, so as to avoid the suffocation of the mold and produce pores, and because of the incomplete combustion of gas and damage the human health and pollution of the air.
2. The correct choice of casting speed, that is, the beginning of the slow pouring, easy to align the gate, reducing the impact of molten metal on the sand and conducive to gas emissions; then rapid pouring to prevent cold separation; should be pouring before pouring slowly, That is to follow the slow, fast, slow principle.
3. ladle, pouring tools, pre-treatment with inoculants, spheroplastics, etc. must be fully used before drying, drying before use.
Pouring staff must be required to wear uniforms, and wear protective glasses, the workplace should be unobstructed. Ladle within the molten metal should not be over, so as not to overflow and damage in the delivery and pouring.
4. For liquid shrinkage and coagulation shrinkage of large Machinery Casting Part, such as medium and large steel castings, pouring in time to pour from the gate or riser.
Companies in the "market-oriented, quality of survival, science and technology to promote development, to promote management efficiency" concept, conscientiously implement the quality management system standards, and look forward to your long-term cooperation.
      Mechanical casting process performance. As the gray cast iron with high carbon content, close to the eutectic composition, so the melting point is relatively low, good fluidity, shrinkage is small, so suitable for casting complex or thin-walled castings.
What are the characteristics of mechanical casting materials are: machine seat body castings larger size, up to a few meters; the quality of up to 10t above the wall thickness of 15 ~ 30mm. Its requirements are: with good precision stability and shock absorption, high elastic modulus, suitable compressive strength, moderate hardness and excellent wear resistance; in the process requires a good casting performance, with a high Resistance to deformation, and easy to cut, and require lower production costs, such as the use of cupola can be smelted, using a smaller amount of alloying elements. To meet the above requirements, the microstructure should be pearlite structure, plus less than 250tim length and uniform distribution of A-type graphite, also requires a certain amount of binary phosphorus eutectic. China's mechanical casting is generally used HT250 and HT300 pregnant cast iron pieces as a material. In order to improve the service life of the machine, a wide range of alloy cast iron, such as P-Cu-Ti cast iron, Cr-Mo-Cu cast iron and V-Ti cast iron.
What are the characteristics of the material for the mechanical casting of small and medium-sized today introduced here. If you do not understand what the place, please contact us, we will do further answers for you, really with you, we would like to go hand in hand for a better tomorrow.