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The Machinery Casting Part Industry Was Actively Upgraded

The Machinery Casting Part industry was actively upgraded

At present in China, the annual output of Machinery Casting Parts has reached 11 million t, and the molding sand is mainly made of furan resin from hard sand, ester hardened alkali phenolic resin from hard sand, ester hardened water glass sand. The 8 million t Machinery Casting Parts were made of water glass sand molding (core), and the rest were other processes such as alkali phenolic and furan resin sand. The production of furan resin for Machinery Casting Part is prone to crack tendency. Sodium silicate sand although cheap raw materials, the casting surface quality is good, but fall sand performance is poor and the old sand regeneration difficulty, so it is hard to meet large hydro-generator and power generators and other equipment required for high quality, high precision, high performance requirements; Many large and medium sized Machinery Casting Part enterprises in China have adopted the new type organic ester glass sand technology and ester hardening alkali phenolic resin sand technology. As clean production, energy conservation, lightweight, the concept of digital and intelligent development and constantly to be cast steel industry research and development of low carbon, energy saving, low pollution and recycling of renewable and sustainable development of the green casting equipment situation, it is imperative to improve and upgrade.

The surface sand of large Machinery Casting Parts is usually made of special sand such as chrome-iron ore, which is much higher than silica sand. Therefore, the separation technology of ferrochrome ore and quartz sand in old sand regeneration system is also a key technology. However, the replacement of zirconium sand in the moulding core will be applied.

At present, the sand - hardened water glass has been recognized as the most likely to realize casting steel production green casting process. Its to colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, in the sand, modelling, pouring and shakeout process without excitant odour and toxic gases, no harm to human body, and the casting performance is good wait for a characteristic, in the foundry industry is universal. But the only drawback is that it has a more difficult regeneration, which can lead to greater solid pollution. If we can solve the problem of the regeneration of glass sand, the water glass sand casting will be the first to enter the green casting, and its key is to realize the improvement and upgrade of casting equipment.

Face the future of our country in the field of high-end and large machinery casting enormous demand, foreign manufacturers are accelerating research and development, expand the intelligent casting equipment capacity for the Chinese market share, domestic enterprises should seize the opportunity to take positive measures, meet the challenges in the competition.

Today's Machinery Casting Part industry in global competition heats up, over the past three years a large number of layoffs, the domestic machinery casting market recovery and a shortage of skilled technicians, the superposition of several factors together, formed a new round of storms, forcing domestic machinery castings manufacturers must improve their level, with fewer people, and fewer resources to create than ever, high quality products, at the same time also prompted them to undertake technological innovation, promote new, high-speed, multi-axis machine tool castings manufacturers design, multi-function, automation equipment, these improvements include adding new models, improve the machining efficiency and quality and so on. However, the high-end castings are more efficient because they are more mobile and more efficient. Therefore, the future market demand will be more, and China's Machinery Casting Part industry needs to step up its efforts to better development.