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There Are Many Factors Influencing The Quality Of Auto Casting Part

There are many factors influencing the quality of Auto Casting Part

The first is the design process of Auto Casting Part. During design, in addition to according to the working conditions and the metal material performance to determine auto casting geometry shape, size, also must from the perspective of the casting alloy and casting characteristics to consider the rationality of the design, namely the obvious size effect and solidification, shrinkage, stress and other problems, in order to avoid or reduce Auto Casting Part composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects.

Second, there is a reasonable casting process. Namely according to the structure of Auto Casting Part, weight and size, casting alloy characteristics and production condition, choosing the appropriate parting surface and modelling, core making method, setting up reasonable casting steel, cold iron, riser and gating system, etc. To ensure high quality Auto Casting Part.

The third is the quality of raw materials. Metal furnace charge, refractory materials, fuel, fluxing agent, modifier and casting sand, sand binder, and the quality of coating materials such as substandard, Auto Casting Part causes porosity, pore, slag inclusion, defects such as adhering sand, Auto Casting Part appearance quality and internal quality, serious when they make the casting scrap car. The fourth is the process operation, should make reasonable process operation discipline, raise the technical level of the worker, make the craft regulation is carried out correctly.

In manufacturing, the quality of castings should be controlled and tested. First, the technical code and technical conditions for control and inspection of raw materials and auxiliary materials to each specific product are formulated. Control and inspect each procedure strictly according to the process code and technical conditions. Finally quality inspection of finished casting. It should be equipped with reasonable detection methods and suitable detection personnel. Generally, the appearance quality of professional Auto Casting Part can be used to judge the surface roughness of castings. The surface microcracks can be examined by colouring and magnetic powder method.

Auto Casting Part is carbon content as high as 2% (mass fraction) of more than iron carbon alloy, the material is only a small amount of the carbon in the form solid solution with iron, mostly in the form of graphite or cementite exist, because the graphite will reduce the deposition potential of hydrogen, which hindered the deposition of zinc.

At the same time due to the material surface is too rough, across the sand holes and shrinkage cavity, composition containing phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and graphite and titanium, and other elements, thus appeared the overpotential of hydrogen in the process of plating is too low, easy to cause hydrogen evolution, brings to the metal deposition difficulties; And pickling and can increase the adsorption quantity of hydrogen atoms, part into hydrogen adsorption of hydrogen atoms, in addition to send out into the air, it will be a part of the hydrogen atoms to spread in the cast iron matrix, the more hydrogen pressure, not only affects the automobile mechanical properties of casting itself, in the process of electroplating can also cause a large amount of hydrogen evolution, not only seriously influence the coating fastness, still can cause JiJu current efficiency drops, to further increase the difficulty of electroplating.

Quality of Auto Casting Part including appearance quality, inner quality and quality of use. Appearance quality refers to surface roughness, surface defect, size deviation, shape deviation and weight deviation. The internal quality mainly refers to the chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties, metallographic structure and the holes, cracks, inclusions and segregation of the castings. Service quality refers to the cast copper piece durable ability to work under different conditions, including the wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, resistance to chilling excitation properties, such as fever, fatigue, shock absorption, and by cutting resistance, weldability, etc. Process performance.

Auto Casting Part are affected by many factors, such as stomata, pinhole, slag, crack, pit and so on. The commonly used repair equipment is argon arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, cold welding machine, etc. For defects of quality and appearance, the casting defects can be repaired by high heat and fast welding machines such as argon arc welder.

The quality of automobile casting has a great influence on the performance of mechanical products. For example, the wear resistance and dimension stability of machine tool castings directly affect the precision of machine tool. All kinds of pump and hydraulic parts of impeller, shell lumen size accuracy and surface roughness and contour line, directly affects the working efficiency of the pump and the hydraulic system, energy consumption and the development of the corrosion, etc.; The strength of the cylinder block, cylinder cover, cylinder liner, piston ring, exhaust pipe and so on are the strength and the heat resistance of the casting, which directly affect the working life of the engine.